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Fully glazed tile small knowledge

    Polished glazed tiles with the antique brick and polishing brick has the advantages, not only smooth and clean bright and pattern of rich, colorful, grab do terminal market of eye, its popularity is not inferior to the polishing brick launch event. To this end a lot of consumers are also in Amoy de net ceramic mall home forum on the question, what is the whole glaze ceramic tile is what, when online shopping, but also pay attention to what aspects of the details of it? Polished ceramic tile glaze is generally transparent glaze or convex transparent glaze, is a can be carried out in the glaze polishing process is a special glaze formula, it is applied to the antique brick at the end of the glaze. Amoy de ceramic network mall said polished glazed the good product rate is determined to plant the overall production level with the glaze quality and decide, usually in mature quality factory production, can be more than 95% of the yield of the product. In terms of cost, the entire cast glaze is a burn process, so it will not be too high, in terms of sales price in terms of online shopping can also allow consumers to accept.
Secondly, polished glazed tile different from common polished tile, the surface of glaze for special crystal enamel wear, after sintering at high temperature, the molecules are completely closed, almost no gap, can long time durability remain highlighted less bleak, hard and wear-resistant. The Mohs hardness of 6 degrees, the water absorption rate of less than 0.5%, than the natural stone texture is uniform and compact, stable and safe.
    “Due to the full cast glaze in the texture of the realization of the incomparable decoration, so from a certain extent, is the appearance of the whole glaze tile decoration of the performance of a new height.” Amoy de ceramic network mall, polished glaze tile technology more, including screen plate printing (the country to use the way of enterprises accounted for about 90%), roller special engraving printing (the country to use the way of enterprises accounted for about 1.5%), pouring glaze method (linear spray enamel or bell glazing, country to use the way of enterprises accounted for about 7%), left glaze (left glaze cabinet or waterjet cabinet, the country does not have a business using the mode of production, dry granulator application of dry grain manner (the country to use the way of enterprise accounts for about 1.5%).
    In front of the superior price, all ceramic glazed tiles in the online shopping platform is an upstart. But fierce market                     competition, businesses everywhere, in the online shopping platform on the tile price is undoubtedly the most tempting, but consumers must be rational purchase. In ceramic online shopping mall on the ceramic tile to first asked in detail about the customer service staff for the business data to confirm you will want to buy tile product is in line with the detection quality first-class. Experts believe that online shopping ceramic tile, belonging to the large order of goods, consumers should as Amoy net morality, qualified, and to provide after-sales service guarantee ceramic online shopping platform, in order to maximize protect their own interests, covet of avoid by all means is a small shop gives small cheap.

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