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Ceramic tile market shopping guide services to become the weak link in the major stores

“The 30% profit”, “the audience seven fold”…… A year, home market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, in addition to the sale price of the major stores in addition to the weapon, but also began to compete in the field of after-sales service. The hypermarket operators began attaches great importance to the pre-market after-sales service, was originally limited to buy or large customers buy service gradually for ordinary consumers to enjoy, but in the face of endless promotional commitment, consumers still have many doubts, sales in the process of weak links open began to appear.
Small booth service is weak
From the major home stores to understand, in the after-sales service, the major stores have a more complete set of service system, and all kinds of service rules are also constantly upgrade. Some home furnishing stores promise “a station type service, for customers to solve all the problems of after-sales service, said absolutely not and merchants passing the buck. And some stores, under the guidance of the Guangzhou Consumer Council established in complaints, in addition to can immediately resolve consumer complaints, complaints related to the administrative department for Industry and Commerce 12315 hotline received linkage processing, ensure that complaints are resolved in a timely manner. And for some remote brand, businesses try to pursue localization services, to provide door-to-door, not to mention a maintenance service.
And compared with many large stores perfect after-sales service and parts management loosely home building materials stores is somewhat lagging, pre-sales, after-sales service is far better than skilled big stores, some stores after-sales service there are still only rely on venue operators say since sing on the stage, there is no uniform requirements.
The scope of services to be widened
Survey found that shopping guide services to become a weak link in the major stores. Reflects many consumers, buy what style furniture and living room color, size appropriate, what kind of styles and types of ceramic tile, floor most suitable for home use, laying the best effect and so on, if can have a professional consumer guide, the better. General consumers are through acquaintances, friends to understand some of the decoration, decorate common sense, in the store but rarely enjoy professional consultant’s consumer guide. The majority of consumers said after entering the store, only the sales staff in the blind introduction of products, and tend to ignore the these products for consumers is really suitable for, some of the brand’s sales will only blindly boast their own products, hard to hear pertinent suggestions.

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