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Since the building ceramic tile walls how to renovate the exterior walls?

Can not afford to hurt, really can not afford to hurt! Obviously have to rely on to eat, but all in the fight yen value. This does not, in 90s the rise of the uniform ceramic tile wall from the building, through the sun and rain, in the baptism of years already eclipsed. In order to be able to let a person look at the self built housing group, have to change the new style of the new coat – exterior wall paint.
Once, the lack of choice, most can only choose tile wall decoration. Now, is not the same, external really Shiqi, imitation stone paint, colorful paint, rock slice paint, liquid granite paint as you pick and mix with the stone culture, the effect more.
Will be built from the building of the wall of the external wall renovation of the tiles to paint the walls, the need to follow strict renovation process and process:
1, basic treatment. Before renovation of the old wall tiles of the first step is to ask the special knock brick demolition team first old tile all knocking out and eliminate, time-consuming and laborious. Now have tile retreading interface agent, greatly enhanced primary treatment efficiency, directly on the smooth old tile roll coating can be rapid penetration into the ceramic tile, and the ceramic tile surface formed with certain toughness of concave and convex rough interface, improve putty and coating layer and the base surface of the bond strength. (PS: roll coated ceramic tile face refurbished interface agents, flush with high pressure water, clean the tile surface dust and oil; local elimination of hollowing, delamination damage parts, using cement mortar repair of flat)
2, leveling putty. In the coating rough interface agent after coarsening on special scraping putty for exterior wall leveling. Here to remind is, must use special putty for exterior wall, outdoor environment such as wind blows insolation, rain erosion, baked at high temperature, low temperature freezing and thawing, wall decoration layer of water resistance, crack resistance, anti alkali mildew resistance and geometric indoor decoration putty requires much higher.
Putty for exterior wall is generally 2-3 times the survival and each scraping thickness can not be too thick, avoid shrinkage intensity caused by the putty layer cracking problem. If you use a workman specially for outer wall putty, each batch scraping thickness should not exceed 1.5mm, putty layer, the total number of scraping thickness of not more than 3mm. Before and after the putty group scraping interval shoulds not be too long, a putty in before the putty is dry after coating and scraping, putty layer of dry solid should timely grinding.
3, the application of penetration and sealing primer. Sealer can seal up the wall of alkaline, to adjust the underlying permeability, can also increase adhesion of exterior wall paint coating, so can’t save map and leak brush or brush.
4, exterior wall paint. The choice of exterior wall paint can be according to the desired effect of the decision is the use of lacquer, or imitation of tar, or liquid granite. For the choice of colors, suggestions for coordination with the surrounding environment, and selection of cultural stone coordination; avoid too bright, because bright exterior wall paint color color retention for big brands are a test, easy to fade; also need to consider local customs or Feng Shui problems.
Finally, for the construction of exterior wall renovation, should pay special attention to the weather forecast, avoid in the rain and snow before the operation. Opportune to shunshundangdang to old tile coating clothes put on a beautiful building, we have to fight to face value!

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