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The bathroom Water Leakage do three measures of how to solve an antidote against the disease

Bathroom use a period of time, many homeowners will find the bathroom walls and leaking, with the passage of time, wall tiles began loose, the top surface of the brush painting also moldy black, serious impact on the aesthetics of the bathroom, meet the leakage should be how to solve? Below to find the way to solve a problem.
[zhigenzhidi Water Leakage] on the wall to find the reason
The bathroom walls and water leakage, there are two, one is caused by a leak in the water pipes, second is waterproof layer leakage caused by, so in the bathroom walls and leaking problem solving time to distinguish exactly what causes leakage.
Judge plumbing problems: first according to the construction drawings at the pipe to, if leaking position behind the buried pipes can be while traveling or not in the home, turn off the gate inside the house, placed inside the leading water, if found a period of time after the wall traces of water disappeared that is plumbing problems.
To determine the waterproof layer: after the shower toilet water leakage from the wall, and intermittent period of time found that the leakage of the wall has been improved, it is proved that the waterproof layer has a problem.
[clever solution to know the disease to find the right method
Find the bathroom walls and leaking reasons, we must to solve the problem to find the solutions and water leakage caused by the need to find water pipe leakage point, if the waterproof layer lead to find waterproof layer leakage location, on the waterproof layer repair.
Pipe leakage: if pipes leaking they need to open wall plane, and then find the joint of the pipe, check the partition is leaking water pipes, find the leakage point, replacement of water pipes or interface, and finally the laying of the wall, do waterproof, restore the tile surface.
Waterproof layer leakage: if it is waterproof layer leakage and need to shovel out the surface of the ceramic tile, tile gap region, to find the waterproof plugging Po smooth, and then in the wall brush waterproof coating. If it is due to the lack of water leakage caused by the need to re dig up the height of the tiles, the walls of the high waterproof treatment, and then shop.
In addition to the wall will appear leakage, the leakage of the ground is also often occur, although ground water leakage will not directly affect the home, but for the downstairs tenants affected is very large, rather affect the neighborhood, once found leaking ground, the need for timely treatment.
Judge water leakage: first need to determine the main reason to cause the leakage on the ground and in the bathroom for closed water testing, put water into a cm high, in closed water process view the floor of the downstairs tenants whether there is leakage, if a serious leak, that is waterproof layer problems; if there is no any change after the close of water, that is a problem with the water pipe.
How to solve the problem of water leakage
Pipe leakage solution: for ground tube, hot and cold water pipes leaking should first floor tile the plane, find the water joints, seals, if the pipe itself cracks, water pipes need to be replaced, after the treatment of pipe were re buried, repair within the scope of the waterproof layer, floor tile recovery.
Waterproof layer leakage solution: if the waterproof layer of the ground there is a problem and need to shovel out the floor tile, find problems of waterproof layer, and then plugging PO or sealing strip for sealing, and then waterproof construction. If the leaking point close to the wall and need the facade tiles together shovel, waterproof layer should also do wall, after the treatment of closed water testing and reasonable, then we re laying of tiles.

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