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Ceramic market under the transformation of the opportunity

“Ceramic industry and real estate as a real estate; a prosperity, to inventory, to ceramics.” Nobel Group Chairman Luo Shuigen had said. Porcelain polishing brick is a new product launched by the Nobel tiles, Luo Gen this high hopes, “the ceramic industry has entered the new normal development, enterprises are facing transformation and upgrading of the critical juncture. We hope that by the advent of porcelain brick, do something for the optimization of the transformation and upgrading of ceramic industry.”
Innovation opportunities in the ceramic tile Market
Relevant data show that the current home improvement ceramic tile market size of about 300 billion, 300 billion of the size of the market size of the project, and other ceramic tile category, has formed a market size of nearly one trillion. However, the size of the existing leading enterprises are not more than ten billion, the market share can not even reach 1%. In this regard, trout (China) strategy consulting company general manager Mr. Deng Delong pointed out that this is typical of the brand concentration degree low, the most direct is the emergence of market homogenization of serious, low-end brand relatively more problems.
Data show that in 2015 the building ceramics industry has been the first negative growth since the beginning of this century. Ceramic tile industry into the development of the new normal, mainly in excess capacity and to go to production capacity, ceramic tiles into the brand and innovation of the new era. The era of brand consumption and the main developing direction of the new products are the main development direction of the decorative materials.
Although the government issued the “The Belt and Road” and “going out” policy will give the tile industry to bring new market space, but how to seize these opportunities, how to break the bottleneck, has become the biggest problem of the whole industry. From this level, a commitment to industry technology innovation, leading the consumer trend of home improvement brand appears, has become the common hope of the industry.
July 28th, Nobel porcelain tiles – China’s first global new generation of ceramic tiles come out. This innovative new tiles category, not only to respond to the long period of building ceramics market for innovative products look forward to, but also opened a new stage of the Nobel group brand development strategy. The conference site Nobel Group Chairman Luo Shuigen said coincided with the porcelain polishing brick advent, enterprises will be fully adjust strategy, to the leading brand of ceramic tile enterprises forward to meet building ceramics industry transformation and upgrading of a new round of development opportunities.
Nobel break the industry development of key technical problems
It is understood that since the Nobel ceramic tiles adhere to technological innovation driven development. According to Luo Zong introduction, for the construction of the building ceramics industry homogeneity serious problem, as early as 2000, Nobel ceramic tile on the establishment of a special technical center. In order to improve the original level, Nobel also with the Zhejiang University, The China Academy of Art, California Zhejiang international nanotechnology research institute and other cooperation to create research platform. These scientific research platform build, let ceramics, culture, art, science and technology in different fields intercross and fusion, the domestic and international collaborative innovation, absorbing.
2004 Nobel Group successfully developed zirconium magnesium high white porcelain brick technology, to solve the key technical problems of ordinary super white porcelain brick radioactive contamination of the troubled industry development is a major breakthrough in the field of building ceramics; 2009 Nobel Group took the lead in the introduction of Asia the first set of digital inkjet printing equipment, subversion of the traditional ceramic production technology, opened the digital era in China’s ceramic tile decoration from… Continue to subvert the technology and innovative products, so that the Nobel group has developed into the world’s top consumer preferred ceramic tile production and sales company, for 13 consecutive years, one of the best sales. Known as “very cold” Antarctic Zhongshan station, Shanghai World Expo “Expo Village” and “China Pavilion”, the Beijing Olympic Games with the Nobel ceramic tile.
Driven by technological innovation, driven by consumer demand, Nobel ceramic tiles are being used to enter the leadership brand with innovative and creative power. Like iPhone will be brought into the era of smart phones smart phone, Nobel will bring the ceramic tile industry to the era of a porcelain tile. Compared with the traditional ceramic tile, Nobel Group launched this new category tile mainly by the SIMM-TEC four core technology, so as to allow the porcelain polishing brick has the surface more wear-resisting, pattern more vivid, more full-bodied texture, texture thicker, tactility is more moist five characteristics, as a new generation of ceramic tile. At home and abroad to create a new process of ceramic tile production, but achieved a major technological breakthrough in ceramic industry.
Open a new brand positioning escort innovation meteorological construction ceramic industry
How will a technological innovation achievements rapid transformation into the consumption demand?? in this regard, Nobel Group long-term strategic cooperation partners — trout (China) strategy consulting company general manager Mr. Deng Delong said: simply rely on technological innovation to achieve brand concentration time has passed. Nobel ceramic tiles of the new strategy is to be positioned to escort technical innovation, leading the technological innovation. Not only to stimulate demand in the short term, to create demand, but also in the minds of customers, to become the leading brand in the ceramic tile industry, has a long-term brand and product strength.
To this end, Nobel group will also take a strong pull open the first year of corporate strategy adjustment. Activity scene, Nobel ceramic tile also officially released a new upgrade of the VI system. Along with the steps to upgrade the brand, Nobel tiles will be fully open in full swing of the brand strategy to expand and deepen, strengthen the positioning and create demand. This industry experts said that this is the best way to survive the leading enterprises. In a sense, Nobel has been upgraded to the optimization of the industrial ceramic tile transition, “China manufacturing 2 docking

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