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Golden Horse new products–Marble tiles

We have produce the new series products of marble tiles in size 600*600mm,800*800mm and 600*1200mm in this year.Some models in size 600*1200mm have different pattern as below model picture.Very nice!

Why choose marble tiles?

1.Marble tiles with similar pattern and and similar style to the natural marble stone that can turn your home into an elegantly beautiful abode but with less radiation which is meet the international standard that no harm to human body.

2.Marble tiles is much more cheaper than the natural marble stone that you can save the cost for your new house.

3.It is durable.You wouldn’t have to change your flooring for possibly a lifetime because marble flooring is hard and dense, which means that it will last for many years. If you have pets running around the house, that’s okay because marble is naturally resistant to abrasions or scratches. Your floors will remain luxurious even with high traffic.

4.It is easy to maintain. Marble tiles is resistant to moisture, which means that it is pretty easy to wipe spills off. You don’t have to panic when you accidentally spill some dark liquid on your floor because they usually don’t leave permanent marks on marble tiles, provided that you wipe them up immediately. Accidents like this can be easily handled with the use of a clean and dry cloth together with water and soap.

So,that’s why marble tiles in more and more popular around the world now!



  1. 大理石瓷砖与天然大理石有着相似的纹路和相似的风格,可以让你的房子室内装修显得大气美观,但比天然大理石的辐射低很多,达到国际标准,不会对人的身体产生危害。
  2. 大理石瓷砖比天然大理石便宜很多,可为你节省很多装修费用但又呈现出很好的效果。
  3. 大理石瓷砖质量很好很耐用,因为他密度和硬度很高,可以使用很多年,大有可能是终生不用再换瓷砖的。因为大理石瓷砖耐磨耐刮,就算是家里养了宠物经常在家里到处跑的话也是没问题的,大理石瓷砖地面还是会保持豪华的效果。
  4. 大理石瓷砖很好维护和打理,因为它抗潮湿和防污性能很好,如果你不小心倾倒了一些脏水在大理石瓷砖表面,你只需要用一块干净的布沾一些干净的水和肥皂水在砖表面上轻轻一擦就很容易擦干净,而不用担心会在表面留下一些难看的痕迹。




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