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Diamond Stone Tiles

Diamond Stone Tiles is an upgraded version of the full glazed polished porcelain tiles, it has the hardness of diamond, and after two times high temperature sintering, the surface more stronger than the full glazed polished porcelian tiles.

For the advantages of diamond stone tiles, its hardness has been greatly improved, so it increases its wear resistance, this is the traditional ceramic tiles can not be compared, and the hardness of the diamond stone tiles, physical properties more stable, it is not easy to absorb pollution, So the cleaning is very convenient.

The surface of the diamond stone tiles is very smooth, the smoothness is also very good, no water ripples at all, , so the whole looks more generous and natural.



金刚石瓷砖是一种升级版的全釉面抛光瓷砖,它具有似金刚石的硬度,经过两次高温烧结,表面比全釉面抛光瓷砖更坚固。 其硬度有了很大的提高,所以它耐磨性也提高了,这是传统的瓷砖无法比拟的,而金刚石的硬度、瓷砖的物理性能更稳定,不易吸收污染,所以清洗非常方便。


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