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Global Export Markets:Africa

African market is another important emerging export market for China's ceramic tiles product, with impressive development in recent years. Under the overall background of yearly rising of China's production volume of ceramic tiles, export volume to African market takes up 12.15% of the total export volume in the year of 2009, and it becomes 12.75% in 2010, 14.52% in 2011 and 16.58% in 2012. At present, Nigeria is the largest export destination in Africa for ceramic tiles. In the year of 2012, China exports about 40.46 million square meters of ceramic tiles to Nigeria, making it the 5th largest export destination of ceramic tiles in the whole world. What's more, the soaring development of African economy will create numerous opportunities for the export of China ceramic tiles. We can foresee that in the next few years, African market will continue to expand.

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