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porcelain tiles are so perfect why not use them everywhere?

Porcelain tiles are so perfect why not use them everywhere? Well, there are some consequences of making a tile with near zero water absorption.

First of all, porcelain tiles are harder to get adhesive to stick to the tile. Wall tile with its high water absorption will “grab” into the adhesive fast and stick well to a vertical surface. You can use porcelain tile on a vertical surface but it needs to be physically supported while the adhesive sets, for example with plastic spacers or boat rope. We recommend using the best adhesive available for these tiles, latex modified thinset or epoxy.

Second, the porcelain tiles are harder to cut. Your grandfather’s snap cutter or carbide blade will be challenged when cutting this product. You need a diamond wet-saw. While on this subject and in case you feel like going home to set tile tonight, do not under any circumstance use a dry blade in a power saw to cut tile or any other product that contains silica. The watchdogs at OSHA are developing standards for exposure to silica dust as I speak to you. It’s not as good idea to breathe this stuff even if the medical science is still being evaluated.

Third, even porcelain tiles with low water absorption, because the surface may be unglazed, there is a surface micro-porosity (real little holes on the surface) that can allow staining. Not good if you drop ink on your floor. The manufacturers are solving this by adding a clear glaze to the surface of the “unglazed” tile.

Fourth, up to now the color ranges and finishes of unglazed porcelain tiles has been limited and considered more of an institutional look. This too is being addressed and many new styles and colors are coming into the market.

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