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Kent ceramic lead a good start in Ceramic industry

As the spring weather , the ceramic industry has also ushered in a thriving scene . Reporter visited that ,since March , Ceramics marketing campaign repeatedly attack, made ​​huge achievements for  a good opening in 2014

Experts estimate that by 2013, 11 months of domestic ceramic tile production reached 8.99 billion square meters , an increase of 5.5% annual growth in tile production is not expected to exceed 6% , for the first time to usher in the ceramic industry after years of rapid development a slight increase . For industry growth in 2013 has been carried out accurately predicted Dr. Yin Hong in public again Forecast: 2014 domestic tile production will continue to grow , but a conservative estimate of more than 3 %~5 % or less .

Dr. Yin Hong, to be left in 2015 to be announced , said that in 2014 the ceramics market still continue the battle . ceramics can be expected this year will be even more severe market conditions . However, according to reporters in recent days of observation, ceramic enterprises on the market overall marketing activities terminals good results . For example , in March 2014 Kent Ceramics integrate the two local building materials market , BMW , beauty clubs , five-star hotels, banks, hotels, and other “1 + N” marketing model has achieved the expected results, the day that signing more than 100 Zhang ; For example , the opening day of Lu’an enoxaparin tile popular hot scene signed more than 150 single ; high German tile ” spring feast hunters manufacturers ‘ 3.9 thousand people will buy a complete success, signing more than 80% ; there Samit ceramics, many Oceano ceramics, Jiajun Ceramics , specially the North Sea , Grice ceramics and other ceramics business, terminal sales reflected achieved good results.

2014 , it seems that the situation is not bad expert , said: ? 2014 , domestic ceramics production will continue to grow, but growth may be lower than the estimated 5% better than in 2013 , even at around 3%. Kent Ceramic will always uphold the high quality, high service , leading the industry forward .


  • TIME:2014-03-20 10:40
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