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semi polished white body ceramic tile the tiles of the surface to be much more smooth

Quintana polished surface is polished tile body / polished tiles made ​​of a shiny , metal
On the whole body as a brick . Relative whole body tiles , semi polished white body ceramic tile the tiles of the surface to be much more smooth . Polished hard wear , suitable for use in addition to the bathroom, the kitchen most semi polished white body ceramic tile of the interior space. On the basis of the use of bleed technology, you can make all kinds of stone- tiles , wood effect. Easy dirty tiles , non-slip performance is not very good.
⑴, polished advantages:
First, the non-radioactive elements: natural stone are minerals, without high temperature sintering, it semi polished white body ceramic tile contains trace amounts of radioactive elements of individual , long-term exposure is harmful to health ; tiles will not cause harm to the human body ;
Second , the basic control semi polished white body ceramic tile without color : natural stone due to the diagenetic time , a large rock formation in different shades of color , polished carefully deployed , the same batch of products consistent color, almost no color ; Third , flexural strength : natural stone due to natural form , lumber time , weathering vary, resulting in a dense degree , intensity varies ; polished by the thousands of tons of hydraulic machine pressed , and then sintered at high temperature above 1200 ℃ , high strength ;
Fourth, brick thin , light weight: natural stone due to low intensity , so processing large thickness , bulky , increasing the load floor of the building, a potential threat , rising costs , and increased transportation , paving and other difficulties .
⑵, polished disadvantages:
There is a fatal flaw is easy to dirty, which is polished tiles left in the holes caused by the irregularities . These pores are filth, and even some tea down on the tiles are conceding. Perhaps aware of this industry , and later some good quality tiles at the factory have added a layer of antifouling layer .
⑶, how to care for tiles :
1, regular mild detergent to clean the surface , remove stains in general , not with any strong acidic cleaners, such as the toilet was clean clean clean toilet net effect is indeed very good, semi polished white body ceramic tile but it also burned a polished crystal layer on the surface , so that the pores increase, from the next day , it becomes more and more black , because the surface has been ” burned “, and do not stain it. 2 , the neutral plane of the crystal surface treatment agent .
3 , special stains such as tea stains, fruit stains, coffee semi polished white body ceramic tile stains , ink stains , etc. can be of high purity content of more than 27.5% of H2O2 mulching with paper towels , soaked 2-3 hours to clear .


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