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Jia Hui glazed ceramic tile 600*600 and other six nominal branded goods

Provincial Administration for Industry and glazed ceramic tile 600*600 Commerce issued consumer tips circulation of ceramic tiles , flying license , Metroplex , Oulu United States, Gaudi , Jin into a ceramic , Jia Hui glazed ceramic tile 600*600 and other six nominal branded goods , because the presence of substandard surface quality , the breaking strength of substandard and other issues , was boarded unqualified list .

According to the provincial Trade and Industry Bureau sampling results showed that the vast Eagle ceramics store sales Harbin specifications for the 100 × 200 × 11mm Gaudi brand wall and specifications for the 130 × 260mm Jin into a ceramic tile brand , Jia Hui District, Harbin Road outside the building materials business sales specifications for the 100 × 100mm Jia Hui bricks , Ning’an Ning town day or ceramic shop sales specifications glazed ceramic tile 600*600 for the 130 × 260mm Metroplex brand outside wall, Ning’an Ning southern glazed ceramic tile 600*600 town of Oulu ceramics shop selling U.S. brand Model wall surface 250 × 330mm substandard quality ; Ningan Hing Ning paneled store sales specifications for the presence of surface quality 100 × 200mm Flying card wall, breaking strength of glazed ceramic tile 600*600 both failed. Failure will affect the quality of the tile surface tile abrasion , water resistance, chemical corrosion , reduce long service life.

Determined by random inspection of substandard ceramic tiles , the provincial Trade and Industry will be disposed of in accordance with the test results in accordance with law . At the same time , suggesting that the majority of consumers glazed ceramic tile 600*600 in the purchase of ceramic tiles , you should try to choose well-known brands , see the product identification is complete, look at the quality of the product meets the national standards, and request an invoice .


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