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600*600 24*24 nano polished ceramic tile because he changed the structure of the house

Yesterday, Mr. Zhou reflect , he lived in a public rental in Yellow River Village for many years, prior to arrival , to the indoor tile floors . Now he plans to buy this house , home inspection after Tomb Houses Housing told him to pay a fine of 300 yuan and 300 yuan appraisal fee , 600*600 24*24 nano polished ceramic tile because he changed the structure of the house . Chow wonder why it changed tiled house structure? He believes that this money should not be paid .

Chow: only paved floor tiles

Zhou said the Tomb of public rental Houses are governed , from 2009 to 600*600 24*24 nano polished ceramic tile date, his family has lived here less than hundred dollars a month to pay rent to the Houses .

Mr. Zhou said, just stay, this house is a concrete floor , in order to facilitate cleaning , Chow paved tiles. Today, Chow child is ready to get married, consider buying houses in this suite can enjoy the preferential policy, he intends to buy this house down .

But what happened 600*600 24*24 nano polished ceramic tile next so that Chow was angry. Zhou said , a 600*600 24*24 nano polished ceramic tile week ago , a staff member to come to inspect houses Houses Tomb . After that, the staff member said: “The modification of the house , you need to pay 300 yuan fines and the appraisal fee of $ 300 .”

Chow said: ” ? From live up to now , we have only paved floor tiles , all structural transformation of the house did not make any , why pay the fine and appraisal fees” Chow believes that it should not be tiled floors “Changing the housing structure “to handle .

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to the Zhou family , and each went to his apartment downstairs and upstairs the same owners home, from the house structure, three housing units is the same, there is no increase in the removal of the wall or walls cases, just different every owner home ground laying tiles.

Houses : old house decoration is not allowed

In this case, the Tomb Houses Guo Liang Shan director , said the owners before buying a house , they should be identified for housing safety issues , in the case of identified security risks before a house is not for sale . If the owners of rental housing to be demolition , renovation , decoration, decoration , must restore the original structure if it is renovated , but also apply to them , they have to change 600*600 24*24 nano polished ceramic tile the situation if you find the original structure , will urge restoration as it is, to be restored later identification.

Guosuo Zhang said some long time building construction , is an old house, in order to avoid increasing the burden to the house , the owners of the house is not allowed to carry out demolition , alteration, renovation , decoration , etc. , laying tile is 600*600 24*24 nano polished ceramic tile part of the decoration , therefore , only in the case determined that no safety hazards in order to sell. Second, they are not charged a fine of $ 600 , a deposit, which is able to retire . Specifically , the Chow may consult the Tomb Houses


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