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In the course natural stone look ceramic tile of tile

In the course natural stone look ceramic tile of tile , tile house reflects many consumers long spots or cracks appeared . What is the cause of these problems is not a quality problem?

1 wall natural stone look ceramic tile surface cracks

Really bad quality wall , bending performance is very poor , there may be a problem in the use of crack . But this situation is relatively small, “Now brand manufacturers at the factory inspection will be done before .” In addition , it is necessary to find the problem in the project : the front natural stone look ceramic tile one is no flood damage paving maintenance, resulting in tile cement mortar due Rally cracking ; two may come from water and other basic treatment do not get bit .

2 water marks after flooding tiles will disappear after some time . Yellow core , said that this usually occurs in the use of the half tiles, rarely appearing on the new tiling . Because the tiles in the factory have done stain , water treatment , in the course of this protective layer will also wear. “While the high density of some bricks , but there are still holes exist , after all .” Over time, the old tile seepage occurs , the phenomenon appears water marks . ” This is normal , not a quality problem .” But yellow core red alert , if they penetrate the floor tiles of water, do not leave traces dry if dirty water will leave scars.

3 tiles become pockmarked face , with a period of time , it seems more and not wipe clean.

The problem for the same reason , a tile layer stain treatment of aging , wear and tear caused . Some rubbing to wipe the tile surface there are some black spots that appear due to cracking or porcelain surface itself has some small potholes .

natural stone look ceramic tile Experts said that such problems can only be considered defective product , but can not simply say that it has quality problems. Tile requirements are different standards in different grades , “If the situation is the emergence of black spots on its national standard at this level within the allowable range , then it is still qualified .”

Clever selection to avoid trouble natural stone look ceramic tile

To buy tiles satisfying consumers to pick the best person . First, the test tile flatness . This is easy , the tile face close together , to see whether there is a gap between them , the smaller the gap the more smooth. ” Uneven tiles will be warped , this one will be able to see through .” In addition , if you choose tiles like intensity relatively large brick can take back dripping way to test water absorption .

If water droplets is very easy to spread , indicating tile water absorption , the intensity is not natural stone look ceramic tile high. On the contrary, it is difficult to absorb water droplets , indicating that water absorption , high strength. If fear glazed case back seepage occurs , it is best to soak in the basin will be glazed or drops of ink basin , after a period of time to observe whether the color was darker tiles or variations of flowers, the same or a small change from the front preferred.

Red yellow core , currently on the market is good quality tile , large manufacturers in the factory will be done before more stringent quality checks , but does not rule out some slip through the net . The relatively large number of buy tile general , a block check is not realistic . Advises consumers to buy big brands , ” even encounter problems, but also relatively easy to solve .”


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