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Yang Xianghong This is the most polished porcelain super gloss unique wedding porcelain ” Romances .”

Cute playful opera style, eyes sparkling smile , hollow exposed two small front teeth lips , two porcelain dolls or seen , they put it down. Yang Xianghong This is the most polished porcelain super gloss unique wedding porcelain ” Romances .” Yang went into the red , ” plasticine Life” studio, full of personality and eyes filled with clever works. This just last year graduate Jingdezhen polished porcelain super glossCeramic Institute , Hebei young , has spent 10 years in Jingdezhen , last year organized a factory , the whole family are with her.

In 2011 , Yang Xianghong as ” Romances ” Application of the copyright. On the strong traditional culture , a blend of modern fashion elements, the material is also made ​​different attempts have glaze color of blue and white polished porcelain super gloss …… by ” Romances ” , Yang Xianghong make a pot of gold . ” To survive, you must create some market products , ” Yang Xianghong very persistent .

During college, Yang Xianghong same dormitory six people , five people polished porcelain super gloss choose to stay working hard . At the time, there is a porcelain sculpture Pottery Workshop , students prepared for the venture 150 stalls, five meters at a table for a long time to pay 50 yuan , you can opened, many customers and creators are gathered here . Yang Xianghong here to put a five-year amortization , greatly broadened my horizons . At his side , there are a lot of people here fought a few years later , covered with scars and had to leave.

Although settled in Jingdezhen , but Yang Xianghong also frankly stated , ” now has an annual income of less than prices a fraction of the polished porcelain super gloss master piece of work .” And Yang , like the red, interview, many entrepreneurs hope to have a more convenient window , there are more authoritative the channel , to wrap works to establish the image . “After all, industry specializing in surgery , artist and marketing and business management, laborious , not necessarily to please .” Yang Xianghong said.

“This creative atmosphere is very relaxed, fly in the ointment is the high degree of integrity , experienced intermediaries and brokers missing .” Jingdezhen City Artists Association Deputy Secretary-General , Jingdezhen Ceramic Art Institute of pottery workshops main任熊军commented , “In addition, lack of authoritative commentary reviews , but also makes it difficult to come out to the creators , leading to self-evaluation is not polished porcelain super gloss objective, is not conducive to self-transcendence . ” he said.


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