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last year reduced by 11.8 beige ceramic glazed tile percentage points

2013 January-December, the ceramic tiles cumulative imports increased by 4.70%, the growth rate of -17.12% from the previous year return to positive growth. Total imports (tonnes) fell 4.16%, a decline compared to last year reduced by 11.8 beige ceramic glazed tile percentage points. Import price of $ 1,057 / ton, an increase of 9.23%.

Italian ceramic tiles as China’s largest trading more consolidated beige ceramic glazed tileposition of the importing country. According to customs data show that from January to December 2013, China’s total imports from Italy increased by 18.87%, accounting for 57.58 percent of China’s imports of ceramic tiles ceramic aggregate (below), compared with the previous year, the share of imports increased beige ceramic glazed tile by nearly 7 percentage points. Followed by Spain, total imports increased by 8.79 percent, accounting for 22.2%.

January to December 2013, the country beige ceramic glazed tile imported a total amount of ceramic beige ceramic glazed tiletiles trading nations accounting case

From the import growth perspective, in the main importing countries of China’s ceramic, import growth Britain, Germany, Italy, the former home, an increase of beige ceramic glazed tile 71.75 percent, respectively, 22.77%, 18.87%. And from Malaysia, Japan, the United States, Portugal imports fell sharply, down 82.70%, respectively, 55.86%, 54.97% and 27.57%.


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