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Porcelanato flooring tile do not have hollowing, otherwise they will insist rework

Home decoration new house , I am particularly concerned about . A single tile , to pick up no fewer than ten . After finally pick a good color, I am looking for people to shop . Shop in the process repeatedly told , Porcelanato flooring tile do not have hollowing, otherwise they will insist rework .

Hollowing is a phenomenon in the renovation process due paste , combined with the emergence of shaky ground between the houses , walls, ceiling decoration layer and structural layer , a knock on hand , there will be “pound ” sound is commonly known as the ” two-skin .” Even so , I asked , my home ground is very unfortunate that there was ” two layers of skin .”

I was very annoyed , Porcelanato flooring tile pointing to the corner of a piece of tile , said: . ” Piece , broke down the look .”

Master workers very difficult, said: . ” This situation is not necessarily your home is our reason , tiles are not standard , or had uneven ground this phenomenon will appear again, if re-do , they might scrap piece the . ” Porcelanato flooring tile

Look expensive tile , then knocked on the ground, I’m still a bite : ” smashing ! ”

So , I was spending on the tile or more than five thousand dollars, and also the master workers bitterness .

My husband asked me: ” If you do not rework, affect the use of it?”

I said : “The Porcelanato flooring tile impact is not that feel uncomfortable .”

He said: ” Try to reduce the look of your psychological expectations, maybe things would be a lot simpler .”

Think about it, maybe I was too perfectionist , Porcelanato flooring tile like my husband and I love.

Our personalities and habits are not fully fit , he likes bread flour , I love to eat rice ; he is willing to look at martial arts films , I am more happy to see the beauty of sci-fi drama . Even doing housework , often because of some trivial quarrel , quarreling even to Porcelanato flooring tile the point of divorce .

I often complain about my husband and myself can not communicate effectively , that our love is not a standard line, can in fact, in the case does not affect the normal life of love itself reduce what the requirements might be a better choice .

In fact, love is a paved tile , if no injury of life , even a little hollowing, we still do not grabbed hold well .


  • TIME:2014-04-10 00:43
  • AUTHOR:Kent 999
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