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Exterior wall tile and cement blocks crystal ceramic floor design tile altitude Zala

Exterior wall tile and cement blocks crystal ceramic floor design tile altitude Zala

In addition to ground subsidence situation occurs , leaving Humen Electronic City market traders and residents fear is that there are exterior wall tiles and cement blocks fall from a height off from time to time .

The market, a merchant Chen said about last November , B Building a windowsill households walls, suddenly a large tile and cement blocks to drop from a height of tens of meters in front of her shop , but fortunately no casualties.

“From last November , an event like this occurs the building played seven or eight .” Chen said crystal ceramic floor design tile , but so far no relevant departments to take preventive measures , she was a little worried .

Response crystal ceramic floor design tile

Construction Unit : Building condition constantly reason inconclusive

For crystal ceramic floor design tile the above, yesterday, the reporter came to the construction unit Humen Taiping Square underground works were visited .

The person in charge of the construction unit temporary Wu responded that appears next to the construction site three ground subsidence , cracks in walls , wall tiles falling off , etc., is caused by what the reason , there is no conclusion. Because, including Humen quell the URA , including regulatory authorities and third-party testing authority structure has not been issued by the relevant appraisal report . If identified by the relevant departments , the situation appears several buildings due to construction of the site is to bring the company will be responsible in the end , repair as soon as possible .

Mr. Wu said that after informed the relevant circumstances, the company has sent professionals to understand , investigate, and crystal ceramic floor design tile surrounding roads at the site set up multiple ground subsidence monitoring points , on the road and housing construction site surrounding areas to conduct real-time monitoring of subsidence .

Quell Authority : no problem arising from either the main structure of high-rise

Yesterday afternoon, Humen quell Authority deputy director of quality and safety supervision and management responded that the matter of Mr. Mu , Square ” broken pipe” sculpture large tilt angle is because Pacific Plaza, a long-term construction project lead , but the whole sculpture pedestal sink base Square underground construction unit is taken ” Jie Wei initiative ” is controllable.

For Taiping Square Garden three buildings appear ground subsidence issue, Mr. Mu comments , the council already knew . Detection by the relevant professionals , the main structure of the building is no problem. Mr Mu said , crystal ceramic floor design tile was the result of ground subsidence due to underground construction Humen Taiping Square pumped large quantities of groundwater , and these buildings are beaches below .


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