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To carry out three days , 600*600 polished porcelain floor tile N State politicians

Boao campaign for 12 years, Song GUANYAO a ” Kwan Ying China ” exhibition, the Central Plains culture bloom international arena. To carry out three days , 600*600 polished porcelain floor tile N State politicians , entrepreneurs , economists come here to visit ; second time attack Boao , Henan, a real estate company active in the 200 -man team forum venue offers a concierge , reception and other services , so that ” Henan service” slogan Boao ;

“Although still small, but growing number “, 3 days, Dahe reporters in different forums , encounter a number of entrepreneurs in Henan , where they 600*600 polished porcelain floor tile recruit, communicate , collision, accumulate more energy to grow .

Meanwhile , more and more foreign companies to contact participants reported five consecutive years of Dahe , would like 600*600 polished porcelain floor tile to take this platform to put them Recommend to Henan , looking for more opportunities.

Boao Forum for Asia this year , the most dazzling scenery is a culture , ” Kwan Ying China ” chinaware exhibition . China ( China ) in china ( porcelain ) , former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand to attract other foreign dignitaries Surakiart enjoyed , as was a lot of media interviews viewfinder , even BFA secretariat will also visit the exhibition as a great song GUANYAO activities.

Former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand Surakiart : These are produced in Henan it? Excellent !

Yesterday afternoon, Oriental Theatre, located in the entrance hall of the Great Song Guan Kiln , star-studded , crowded.

Here is the ” revival of the Silk Road : Dialogue Asian leaders ‘ forum must pass through the entrance , dignitaries to attend the forum in China, Laos, Pakistan and other countries in East Timor , and media from around the world , this little walk through the hall , marvel on fine chinaware .

3 o’clock yesterday afternoon , the forum ended. When former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand Surakiart out of the hall , across the hall GUANYAO Song , stopped by the media group’s visit , Dahe and answered questions from reporters .

“This is China ( China ) in china ( porcelain ) .” When Dahe reporters to Surakiart this introduction, he immediately turned to the chinaware exhibition , pacing watching with interest , at the time took a censer gift , Surakiart polite thank inviting Dahe reporters : “You can help translate introduce you?”

When you hear chinaware “into the kiln color, Cai million out of the kiln ,” he smiled praise. He asked reporters : “These are produced in Henan where ? ? ” When affirmative answer , he nodded : . 600*600 polished porcelain floor tile ” Great ”

Boao campaign for 12 years, chinaware ” kiln ”

Central Plains unique culture as the carrier chinaware drama “river children “, is CCTV hit . Yesterday, at the Boao Song GUANYAO chairman , “river children ” crew Miao Feng Wei Jun porcelain producer turned ” chief instructors .” Wave of another wave of questions raised by the audience , he patiently answered one by one , hard Recommend Central Plains culture.

Jun porcelain is a national treasure , China is a must. It began in the Tang Dynasty, flourished in the Northern Song Dynasty, the only town in Henan Yuzhou Shenhou before being fired successfully . The reason why renowned porcelain chinaware forest because of its marvelous kiln process . The exhibition of the works , there ‘s a concern , ” Holland mouth vase ” , very rare glaze , kiln a picturesque natural landscape , showing a ” mountain has four seasons in ten different days,” the wonderful scenery, so the price up to 218 million yuan, becoming the hall ” greatest treasures .”

As the world’s leading 600*600 polished porcelain floor tile brand of ceramic art , the first Chinese contemporary ten famous kilns , Song GUANYAO the selection of 108 exhibitors Jun porcelain works , can be described as classic pieces .

In addition, the convention center hotel many important positions , both decorate and display of chinaware with many beautiful works . Boao Forum for Asia ‘s main venue , a tall ” Auspicious bottle ” is from 2003 600*600 polished porcelain floor tile onwards quietly standing there, witnessed the Boao extraordinary and exciting every year much attention . Consecutive years, the classic new kiln for Song have all been selected as the official gift Boao Forum for Asia , along with visiting dignitaries to the world .

“This is our Song GUANYAO lasting bonds with the first 12 years .” Said Miao Wei Feng , 12 years , happens to be a Chinese zodiac rings, Song GUANYAO the platform at the Boao another sense . ” kiln . “


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