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April polished porcelain patterned tiles 10 , China Culture Media Group organized the ” visual Dunhuang

April polished porcelain patterned tiles 10 , China Culture Media Group organized the ” visual Dunhuang , China Porcelain ” press conference at the Chinese Embassy Cultural Office in France, China and France all walks of life attended polished porcelain patterned tilesthe introduction of the relevant circumstances of the ceramic art exhibition .

After two years of careful preparation , ” visual porcelain Dunhuang , China ” China Ceramic Art Exhibition will be held in Paris, France Louvre Carew carried Purcell Hall April 17 to 22 . Exhibition is divided into three sections – the “past” , ” present” , ” future ” , panoramic display 93 Chinese ceramics artists 135 sets, a total of 1,535 contemporary pottery boutique. All exhibits will be important art of Chinese culture around the Holy Land – Dunhuang theme elements in the China Millennium carries the polished porcelain patterned tiles essence of art , while a contemporary perspective, modern porcelain craft , ceramics division exquisite contemporary artistic standards , reproduction in the history of Chinese civilization Buddhist culture with the perfect blend of ceramic art . It is understood that this is by far the history of contemporary ceramic art China ‘s largest and most participants , the highest level of an international exhibition exhibitions .

Chinese Culture Media Group party secretary杨守民introduced in a news release , ceramic is one polished porcelain patterned tiles of the early entry into the European representative of the ancient Chinese civilization , the West is through ceramics, tea, silk knowledge and understanding of China. Chinese ceramic art is the most important bearer of civilization and a symbol polished porcelain patterned tilesfor thousands of years artists make unremitting efforts of Chinese ceramics today given a completely new style and content. I hope that through this art exhibition into a world-renowned museums – the Louvre, the French and art lovers around the world know about the long history and splendid Chinese civilization by Chinese ceramic art .

” Visual porcelain Dunhuang , China ” China Ceramic Art Exhibition by the Chinese Culture Media Group , Jingdezhen Municipal Government , “art market ” magazine, a limited liability company polished porcelain patterned tiles and the China Light Industry Institute of Ceramic contractor . The event is China’s national culture, ” going out” important works of art exchange program since 2011 , has repeatedly went to Japan , the United Kingdom , the United States , France and other countries successfully held art exhibitions , and successfully created the most famous professional International tour platform and influence.


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