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discount carpet tiles a failure rate as high as 30 %. Including Golden Delicious , Branch billion

Guangzhou City Industry and Commerce Bureau announced sampling results of ceramic products , ceramic tiles 27 models failed, discount carpet tiles a failure rate as high as 30 %. Including Golden Delicious , Branch billion , antique and other brands. Ceramic discount carpet tilestile is easy to bump substandard existence chipping , easy to crack or peel and other issues.

2013 , the Guangzhou City Industry and Commerce Bureau commissioned ceramics and bathroom plumbing National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center in discount carpet tilesGuangzhou, circulation sales of ceramic tile products were random testing, samples were taken 91 models produced by 75 manufacturers . Upon examination, 64 samples of the seized items shall not found unqualified, 27, the sample is judged to oversee the overall failure, a failure rate of 30 %. Unqualified including sea Merlot, Golden Delicious , Branch billion discount carpet tiles , antique, new gold music, Jia Li Tao and other brands.

Reporters saw the list of unqualified , discount carpet tiles in which 10 dimensions and deviations substandard goods , will lead directly to the paving joints between ceramic tiles uneven stitching dislocation and other issues affecting the decorative effect. Eight absorption substandard goods , if the products absorb too much moisture may cause body moisture expansion , prone to cracking or peeling . The most serious is that there are 18 models of the breaking strength of the product does not meet the standard requirements of the project . Experts, the breaking strength of substandard products in use easily damaged in transit easily bump chipping .

Guangzhou City Industry and Commerce Bureau of substandard goods sales were punished in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Product Quality Law , urging the shelf delisting work . At the same time , reminds consumers in the purchase of products, in addition to viewing the packaging , check the appearance , but also discount carpet tiles by tapping listening to distinguish good and bad , gently tap tile , sounded crisp and sweet is better quality, as issued ” empty ” sound , then do not buy .


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