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Fujian Dehua pottery is China’s important production and floor tiles 60*60 export base

Fujian Dehua pottery is China’s important production and floor tiles 60*60 export base . In recent years the situation worse by exports , a substantial increase in labor costs , as well as ceramic raw material prices and other floor tiles 60*60 factors, coupled with the traditional order to reduce the high-end gift porcelain , ceramic enterprises are facing many small winter . To this end, Dehua accordance with the ” traditional Cidiao commercialization process of ceramic floor tiles 60*60 household , household ceramic art ” of ideas, encourage innovation-driven ceramic enterprises to implement strategies to promote the transformation and upgrading of ceramics , in order to survive in the face of adversity .

Due to floor tiles 60*60 the production of contemporary ceramic art by 72 processes, especially through the fire burning ( up to 1430 ℃), low yield and therefore , it is difficult creation , copying difficult. Can be saved in either enjoy floor tiles 60*60 the hot and humid environment , especially different device type (eg, square, triangle, circle , diamond , etc.) inlay , a cut , a garden makers and sculptures, pottery, and other three-dimensional works of art, calligraphy is unmatched plane . This hand-painted anti- industry and thoughtful , intelligent , innovative art also determines the ceramic art of charm and can not be copied . This has乔希儒, Ma Jun , Wang floor tiles 60*60 Yuqing , Liang Wenjun , state -yi , 17 artists exhibiting a total of more than 150 works , and exhibits excellent, encompasses artists you successes in the ceramic art masterpiece .


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