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Soon to be the microlite home kitchen and bathroom tile pavement

Soon to be the microlite home kitchen and bathroom tile pavement , please give some practical suggestions to buy .

Xu Dejiang ( Bolloni Engineering R & D Department Manager ) : The main attention to when buying tile color and texture microlite of the product . Tiles are decorative products , beauty is the most important indicator of whether the observed glazed tile surface smooth, delicate, hand touch without grainy ; light tiles should be crystal clear glossy, matte tiles should be soft. Color pattern to be delicate, realistic, there is no obvious lack of color , disconnection, dislocation and other defects. A box drawn forty-five to see whether the color, distortion, lack of edge angle less problems .

When purchased with a hard object tap tiles, sound more crisp , the higher the degree of porcelain , the better the quality microlite .

Many of ceramic tiles is absorbent , but not too much water absorption , too much poor quality representatives . You can use the drip test to test , the water droplets in the back of the tile , to see how fast the water infiltration spread , in general , the slower the water absorption , indicating that the larger the tile density ; Conversely , water faster explanation density microlite sparse .

Tile with good hardness , toughness, not brittle bad for the top grade . Angular fragments of tiles to scratch each other , look at broken or loose debris breaks are fine , hard , brittle or soft, is microlite leaving scratches or loose powder , in the case of the former is the top grade .

The best time to buy bathroom tiles purchase slip , the easiest way is to be tested to determine the tile put a few pieces to the ground , then pour some water to the tile above , try to walk on the microlite tile above , the real anti-skid tiles on the ground the situation is under water not slippery.


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