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Guangzhou Chinese Export cutting tiles Commodities Fair Pazhou Complex

First China International Ceramics Products Exhibition will be opened in Guangzhou Chinese Export cutting tiles Commodities Fair Pazhou Complex, May 21 -24 . This is not an ordinary session of the exhibition , which is to have more than 3,000 enterprises , the annual output and export volume ranking first in the world of China building and sanitary ceramics industry first polymerization strongest lineup and ceramics industry leaders to join together to build “Oriental first big” global ceramics trade platform. China International Ceramics Products Exhibition will show the world the whole show excellent ceramic enterprises and ceramic products in China and other emerging economies and the Asia-Pacific countries , and the ” West first big” Bologna Ceramics Exhibition temper each other , binary cutting tiles shine.

Why founded China International Ceramics Exhibition product ? China Building Materials Branch of CCPIT vice president , China International Ceramics Products Exhibition organizing committee Yao said that in 2013 , the annual output of China building and sanitary ceramics exceeded 90 million square meters, exports exceeded cutting tiles $ 10 billion cutting tiles , ranking first in the world , is truly the world’s largest ceramics producer. However, the rapid internationalization of Chinese ceramics in the process , but suffered an embarrassing situation . World -renowned Bologna Ceramics Exhibition , 15 years of allowing only one of exhibiting companies, despite persistent efforts , so far, there are only four companies also get a chance to participate in the show . The vast majority of China’s famous ceramic enterprises have no chance appearance at the world’s top trading platform , there is no opportunity to showcase China’s achievements in the development of ceramic industry for decades to the world. Meanwhile, the U.S. and European markets and Asia accounted for the largest share of the global market has building and sanitary ceramics trade, world ” building ceramic top ten “, the Asia-Pacific region accounted for seven seats , which account for more than 68% of annual global production, building the world’s largest ceramic manufacturing and trading area. Therefore , one has to create a top-level influence in the world, belongs to China and Asians own products exhibition, is ranked first in the world of Chinese ceramics ceramics of long-cherished wish .

Owned enterprises over the 3000 Methodist congregation built ceramics Why China can not afford to do before the Oriental Ceramic Exhibition ? Perhaps because of the fragmentation of the industry management system, perhaps because the industry status quo mixed , perhaps because the government , associations , businesses , media , etc. has not been formed together , in a word , it is because ” aggregation mode top design” is missing. China Building Materials Branch of CCPIT vice president , China International Ceramics Exhibition organizing committee Yao product , from the second half of 2013 , China ‘s ceramic industry initiated polymerization action advantageous resources . China Building Materials Federation ‘s most authoritative industry organizations to build domestic ceramics Wei , China Ceramic Industrial Association , China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association , China International Trade Promotion Branch materials change their traditional practice of ceramics exhibition organizers , to jointly organized belong materials and light the first ceramic exhibition resource aggregation . Meanwhile, the joint capital as the link cutting tiles Ceramic Society , Guangdong, the most powerful and well-known companies in the joint exhibition of more than 30 industries . This ” powerful combination” of the aggregation model, so that the First China International Exhibition of ceramic products start to reach a scale of tens of thousands of square meters of display , ranking first in Asia cutting tiles Pacific .


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