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ceramics on April 16 held a ” fashion king” as the theme of the opening ceremony at Huaxia Ceramics Expo City phenix stone

After several months of careful preparation ,ceramics on April 16 held a ” fashion king” as the theme of the opening ceremony at Huaxia Ceramics Expo City phenix stone . Dealers across the phenix stone country more phenix stone than two hundred friends and more than thirty public, industry , network with other well-known mainstream media representatives attended the opening ceremony, together witness the most beautiful珈纳, feel珈纳fashion dream !

The opening ceremony, the general manager of the Guangdong Association of Ceramics Co. Wanghui Huang sonorous welcoming remarks , he said he was very grateful to have been fought with the enterprise , agents act in unison friends in this period efforts and phenix stone sweat , thanks to agents corporate identity and support. Jia Na ceramic brand general manager CHEN Xiao-fei , speaking after a long Jiana ceramic precipitation and accumulation in the process of upgrading the brand really experienced many storms polished , now Jiana able to forge ahead with a new 5000m2 exhibition fashion face public display , brand influence is gradually improved, consumer acceptance of increasingly high , indicating that we have a strong brand strength and advantages to support the development of a wider area , this exhibition opened one to upgrade the phenix stone brand will have more meaning , better, more stylish showcase new products to our customers to be more in place, more detailed services to meet the needs of consumers in a more appropriate living , home improvement designers and consumers more vulnerable , more conducive to open up the terminal phenix stone and sales channel model to capture market share , and second, meaning the brand will give full play to the brand value across the layers of the storm , bursting out of the infinite glory , leading a new wave of industry , new glories . In this regard, the dealer representatives from Shenzhen noted珈纳ceramics a strong, unique fashion products, excellent product quality and perfect service system, and the main reason we chose to join the珈纳brand .


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