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Followed by feedback has been supported ceramic new and old pearl stone customers

Followed by feedback has been supported ceramic new and old pearl stone customers , thereby opening ceremony珈纳ceramic occasion , in the interaction with the host business representatives , will bid heavy launch year courtesy , will live again pushed to the heat climax. Learned that the bid exceeded the total order will do , as ceramics added an indelible mark pearl stone in the first half 2014 , but also a symbol of its brand better , take off in 2014 .

Activities In the evening , thanks to all the way to the front row alongside and business dealers pearl stone who pay and support, Jia Na ceramic Sanshui Garden Hotel is pearl stone also in preparation for the ” outstanding dealers Award” , “Excellent boutique Image Award “, ” most business ideas Award ” ,” Excellent performance progress Award “and” most Promising Award “five awards , designed to encourage dealers persistent efforts to new heights . In addition, ceramics also opened a large draw appreciation dinner , in song, dance , magic, people show up with live performances interspersed with exciting “live micro-channel sweep , Fun Big Wheel ” under active lucky draw , so scene unlimited joy , bustling atmosphere for dinner wave set off bursts of passion .

Until deep night , dinner guests will be coming to an pearl stone end at the sound pearl stone of laughter


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