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Tile decorative art tiles gap size specification

Tile decorative art tiles gap size specification

Tile gap size is no uniform standard, in addition to meet the tile itself or cooling of the heat factor, but also requires a combination of decorative tiling effect to decorative art tiles be. But generally you can refer to the following do.

1, wall tile gap size decorative art tiles

Kitchen wall tiles left seam generally should be about the size of 1-1.5mm, not less than 1mm, can be nailed or air bags as a reference. decorative art tiles Special effects can be widened the gap, such as 5mm. Or like some antique brick outside wall, leaving a wide balcony of the brick to sew better.

2, floor tile gap decorative art tiles size

Floor tiles, such as paving tiles, etc. decorative art tiles When the general left seam around the 1.5-2mm. Tile gap is generally not much, if too large, it is easy to accumulate dirt, impact cleaning.


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