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figuring this porcelain tiles year’s show the input-output ratio

23th Tao Bo ( spring ) will be concluded today , as the exhibit reception ceramic enterprises rushed off their feet in no mood to rest – they have to pay close attention to figuring this porcelain tiles year’s show the input-output ratio, or prepare for the next game show. As Foshan bred exhibition brand , went the first 12 years of the original scenery no longer Tao Bo , in recent years , popular show about deserted , many questioned less volume .

Today, including Guangdong Hongyu , the new source , including some ” big brother -level ” Tao Tao Bo enterprise has quietly exit , will focus on Fair , Shanghai Ceramics Exhibition , American Ceramic Exhibition, Bologna, Italy ceramics exhibition show, looking show a broader marketing platform. People will ask : In a number of exhibitions in the attack, has gone through 12 years of Tao Bo , it is also necessary gone out of existence ?

Opting for other high-end enterprise exhibitions

Like the previous two years , Guangdong Hongyu , the new source , such as ceramic enterprises porcelain tiles , did not show up at Tao Bo , Tao Bo became a special SME . Reporter survey found that poor participation effect , most of the large number of ceramic enterprises and medium-sized enterprises gradually withdraw ceramic Tao Bo ‘s the main reason .

Rudder ceramics vice president told reporters , many years ago companies have participated in Foshan Tao Bo , each to 10 participants invested a few million, ” but Tao Bo on those days , it is difficult to say what effect .” she said that from a few years ago , the rudder ceramics gradually withdraw from Tao Bo , ” we have our own showrooms , model more, we have customers come in their own reception hall , so that more targeted .”

Beginning last year, the United States and each are exhibiting typical ceramic exit Tao Bo . “Every year the participation fee must be over 20 million, but a lot of people come to visit are within the industry, not many porcelain tiles real customers .” Code of the United States Ceramic general manager Xiao Zhaoxu said the Tao Bo ineffective , the annual cost increases.

To seek a breakthrough , the United States Code will be considered later this year into the ceramic Fair . In fact , this is the most ceramics business practices . In recent years, Foshan ceramic enterprises no longer jealously guarding Tao Bo , instead participate in Canton Fair , Shanghai Ceramics Exhibition , United States, Italy and other places of high-end show, seeking a broader market and platform.

Tao Bo gone out of existence is also necessary to do ?

In recent years , Tao Bo downturn popularity, very little has been criticized for signing the rate of the industry . Meanwhile, in porcelain tiles the ceramic enterprises Gangster home, under the attack of multiple high-end ceramics exhibition , Tao Bo is also necessary to the winding up it?

One of the organizers Tao Bo , general manager of China Ceramics City Yu Min porcelain tiles said Tao Bo just by signing rate to determine the effect of the exhibition is actually too narrow , this platform is to make the country’s most representative companies on behalf of the most exhibits out of the exhibition , there are some on-site transactions, but more is reached between the companies and buyers to strategic cooperation , build up the brand.

Zhang Yongnong Foshan Ceramic Industry experts believe that , like Tao Bo and other ceramic exhibition presence necessary. ” This in itself is a commercial operation , companies feel that making money on the participation profitable exit , ” he has to be held in May this year in Guangzhou, ceramic products exhibition , for example, “These are a corporate promotional window companies can promote their brands, the exhibition itself but also profitable , why not ? ”

As many porcelain tiles ceramic industry heavyweights gradually withdraw Tao Bo , the show moved to Canton , and other phenomena , Zhang Yongnong Foshan Tao Bo explained that this is not attractive in decline, “These big companies but also by Tao Bo exhibition before gradually establish reputation now moved to Canton just need to expand sales channels . ” he suggested , Foshan Tao Bo should provide more convenience for SMEs , local Foshan ceramic enterprises to become an” incubator . “


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