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As the training has not been professionally polished tiles produced ceramics

I do not know because of the beautiful scenery or Picasso ‘s pottery town charm attracts , he lived in a small town that is 25 years. Meanwhile Picasso Ceramics has entered its initial creation – “flat period .” As the training has not been professionally polished tiles produced ceramics , first he has not been able to solve the multiple glazing and firing questions , so they end up directly in shaping the form on clay blocks birds, doves, owls . He also found a supplier in Spain shallow mouth tray. Multicolored stucco disk replaces the original in canvas border creation. He chose the inventory of some unglazed pieces to decorate , to emphasize fine sense of color and geometric decoration of the disc form. On the small media creation, Picasso put aside the obvious sense of surrealism period intricate picture . In Picasso’s ceramic works and paintings , as often there will be thousands and thousands of pigeons to come and go freely , bullring and other elements on the Merced Square, these elements are carrying Picasso hometown love and memories.

Susan couple with the help of a part of the clay Picasso learn the basics and get advice on color , and other aspects of the glaze firing . He started to break the plane of graphics performance , adjusted by the free-form pottery and proportion , successfully implanted decorative elements rich taste pots, plates, vases and other containers , polished tiles making use of both functional ceramic sculpture . For example, the farm auction for $ 60,000 deal “two high- handle vase ,” bottle into a woman ‘s body, engaging in black and white color , rich decorative taste.

The late 1940s began , the creation of Picasso ceramics into maturity, he started with an electric coal fired ceramic kiln itself , finally able to enjoy the freedom to experience the fun of firing . The owl is a common theme in Picasso’s works , this one has a little story : It is said that one night, Picasso and Francois have been injured owl found on the way home , they put it on the way home treatment, recovery after Picasso remained in the home . Another piece ─ ─ ” Owl Woman ” is a standard form of symmetrical vase , by adding a center of cutting back on the bottle malposition cylinder , its complex shape of this interesting detail is designed to make work adds people overjoyed decorative sense , constitutes a unique polished tiles ” owl woman” curls.

Solidification polished tiles childlike and pure ceramic works

Picasso polished tiles loved the woman and the animal silhouettes combined with flexible and varied visual images , rapid and wonderful grafting conversion should be shipped out of Trolltech new styling , always shines , like a reincarnation and summarize the life’s most memorable factor repeated superposition , we have to admire his extraordinary and peculiar imagination. The end of life, Picasso and return to the original African carvings under the artistic inspiration , began to focus on original art , which also includes an early Mother African masks inspired in him.

Graphic Picasso almost never true sense thinking to leave this piece of warm Mediterranean over land , in its last 20 years of his life , his myths , folk tradition, natural beauty and expressiveness understanding increasingly perfect , self- designed a large decorative style of graphics, modeling pose, try the color on both the innovations and breakthroughs continue pondering fun combination of 2D and 3D world and further explore the link between the universe and the meaning of personal .

Throughout Picasso an artistic achievement , the ceramic art as an important creative field , with a great degree of inclusiveness and tolerance , Picasso lifelong, persistent fields. Picasso is so sincere and polished tiles warm embrace of his ceramic art , with his childlike innocence and the understanding of life is not fragmented system , freezing in the glaze . He also tried to break people’s prejudices ceramic clay , insisting that his own pottery created by the product should be cheap sales , to let ordinary people can afford .


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