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bathroom favorite China Ceramics is undoubtedly an essential role to create room

Now, with the improvement of people’s lifestyle , for bathroom renovation requirements are also increasing. In modern decoration, styles, functional bathroom tiles, bathroom favorite China Ceramics is undoubtedly an essential role to create room . Use the bathroom tiles to create a unique style that seeks to change the color of the tile , the tile can also start from the pattern , size , big fuss.

Elegant light China Ceramics colors to create a refreshing bath room

Decorate the bathroom need to be considered on the basis of neat . Fashion, elegance is the theme of bathroom decor , light colors are still commonly used , it allows people to get exposure to one of the largest fresh and relaxed feeling. For smaller bathrooms, light-colored tile space conducive to expand your horizons , reflective small space can be increased brightness . You can choose always popular white lines , you can also favor red, orange China Ceramics and blue floral tiles warm and cold colors , in fact , both have bright , simple, stylish features . The small size of tile paving variability due to becoming a fashion favorite . If a larger bathroom space , you can use a lot of dark colors with light-colored tile tile , both yet stable , and a lively atmosphere .

Hand-painted tiles are not the only brand to provide a fixed pattern styles can also be their favorite portraits, landscape photos , world famous paintings , or their own hand-painted pictures , ordered by the manufacturers , although the price will be more expensive and have to wait for some time , but could have designed their own products, China Ceramics it is worth considering .

Wall China Ceramics tiles to create a special three-dimensional patterns

Spatial structure is relatively simple bathroom tiles with special patterns may wish to effect a means of decoration . Emphasizes the use of a stripe pattern tile shower space , not only brings a strong visual effect , more scattered arrangement to create a three-dimensional ; or striped tile to decorate the bathroom with a frame , window frames, are all good ideas.

Fancy tiles add the finishing touch to a beautiful charm China Ceramics

Fancy tiles create change in the constant stress of repeated dotted a few fancy pattern , exquisite pattern design and color coordination . Fancy a good finishing touch wall tiles give mediocre , and monolithic tile walls and floors can match shades together to complete the description of the space in the area prompts may also play a role in landscaping .


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