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To tile a perfect POLISHED TILES SERIES gap to two ways

To tile a perfect POLISHED TILES SERIES gap to two ways : First, different varieties of tiles left every size Note Stones ; followed by caulking cracks between the blocks after the completion of the processing of paving . Tile gap filler should be how ? Paving process requires attention to the details of what it? Let’s look Xiaobian introduce it .

Part1: tile left seam to do with stress , according to POLISHED TILES SERIES climate change

Left seam is tiling to the success of the foundation stone , the tiling process is essential to keep the seam , then what to do to do to keep the seam work? Depending on the climate and what is the difference?

1 , the importance of POLISHED TILES SERIES tiles left seam

We must not be understood literally , to the so-called ” seamless tiling .” Because no matter what grade varieties of tiles between each block is not completely the same, its length, width , height , thickness errors exist, seamless tiling or left seam properly, it is bound to make tiles become crooked . Appropriate to keep the seam itself, but also to ensure the safety of tiles , or if the ambient temperature changes , even tile thermal expansion and contraction , but also paving the way tiles , leaving the seam of the POLISHED TILES SERIES rules are different.

2 , 1-1.5mm gap

General seamless tile joints should remain in 1-1.5mm, but not less than 1mm. Ordinary tiles, generally between 3-5mm. When consumers buy , you should ask the sales of businesses dedicated to the breed cross Locator ( width of 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 5mm , etc. ) POLISHED TILES SERIES to ensure that tile seams straight , uniform size .

3, the widening treatment

Pursuit of special effects tiled , tile gap can also be widened. For example , special effects antique tiles , exterior wall tiles , bricks and other cultural slit width should remain appropriate. POLISHED TILES SERIES In addition, if the tiling in the winter, pay attention to keep the seam is slightly increased, to prevent thermal expansion and contraction , caulk will squeeze each other.


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