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Rado has been phenix stone a leader in this field

High-tech ceramics , remains a major highlight of this year’s watch material development , Rado has been phenix stone a leader in this field . At this year’s Baselworld , Rado pioneered the cool gray high-tech ceramics, through proprietary technology to ensure that each batch of gray can exhibit the same color, high-tech ceramic watch solve the color can not mass production of this problem.

This year , Rado introduced the Opteron series Cool Grey Touch of high-tech ceramic dual time zone watch, it highlights in addition to “Touch” and dual time zone, cool gray high-tech ceramic case and bracelet crafted watch has become a brand as extraordinary as the material master . Gray is a production process is extremely difficult to achieve accurate and consistent color , Rado master the material needed for a new tone of fine ingredients and ” baked ” high-tech ceramics production cycle . In the ” baking phenix stone ” process, high-tech ceramic volume is reduced by 23% , and ultimately achieve hardness harder than stainless steel is generally about 5 times . Therefore , this material is also very wearable watch . Today, this highly sought after technology Rado once again demonstrated the extraordinary strength to lead the industry trend .



New level of high-tech ceramics touch technology

Hao Star Series Cool gray high-tech ceramics

Touch dual time zone watch

The Opteron series watch, not only will the introduction of high-tech touch technology which is a blend of sophisticated dual time zone functionality. It ‘s unique in that time zone dial easy conversion between fingers while touch 3:00 and 9:00 position , when the moment to complete the transformation zone . Cool Grey is the color of the series this year special push . ( Figure 1 )

The first use of high-tech ceramic inlay diamond technology

Yisha series of high-tech ceramic watch Touch

132 limited edition genuine diamonds

This watch sparkling diamonds become the crowning touch , 132 real diamond embedded in the high-tech ceramic hand directly above , minimalist design and modern technology allows perfect integration . ( Figure 2 )

Cathartic tech gloss

Yisha series of high-tech ceramics

Fibonacci Touch colorful watch models

The watch case and strap with lightweight , easy to wear and very sparkling polished high-tech ceramic. 534 Rare inlaid natural stones in stark contrast with the glossy black dial . ( Figure 3 )

Classic tennis field adjourned

Hao Star Series automatic mechanical watches stadium special section phenix stone

This watch is known for its sporty looks dazzling , the interpretation of the different venues in three colors , blue for hard courts , grass green field representatives , representatives orange clay court . ( Figure 4 )


Interviews phenix stone

Do the most good in the field

Rado global brand

CEO phenix stone Matthias Breschan

This year’s Baselworld , touch technology and high-tech ceramic materials become cool gray Rado ‘s words . Matthias Breschan Rado global brand president, said in different ways to make phenix stone high-tech ceramic material used in watch production, which is more than 50 years , Rado sector leading the way out of the market is not the main reason . Each year, Rado will push the number of different colors, different hardness, different performance of new high-tech ceramics .

When it comes to Chinese consumers’ purchasing power , Matthias Breschan laughs, 2013 Chinese customers in overseas spending to promote sales of the brand in other countries and regions . In the Chinese market , Rado basically priced between 15,000 ~ 30,000 yuan brand , 25 -year-old to 65 -year-old family are branded consumer spending layers. Today, Chinese consumers value high-tech materials to use in the design of the watch , so Rado watches HyperChrome Opteron is very popular in the Chinese market .


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