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full glazed polished porcelain tiles-KT-QP88129H

The full glazed polished porcelain tiles, its glaze is a kind of specially formulated glaze that can be polished on the surface. Its tile body is similar to ordinary glazed tiles. The main difference is that it printed at once after glazing, and then cast a layer of transparent glaze. After firing, a part of glaze will be polished and throwed out, just retain  the surface glaze layer, printing glaze layer and bottom glaze.

The main advantages for  production process are below.

First, it is no need to use high-quality raw materials for the full glazed polished porcelain tiles body, which surface with 0.5-1mm thickness glaze layer just ok. Second, the full glazed polished porcelain tiles’ pattern simulation degree is very easy to do and the cost is low. Third, the full glazed polished porcelain tiles production is more friendly environmental. Because the glaze firing speed is very fast, the energy consumption is low.

Touching by hand, the surface of full glazed polished porcelain tiles are very soft and smooth. It looks like very translucent crystal and the under glaze stone texture is clear and natural.  After fusing with the top transparent glaze, the tile surface likes covering a layer of transparent crystal glaze film, making the overall level become more stereoscopic marble.



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