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Wall Tile decoration

If you are thinking about making an update to your kitchen or bathroom, you should first consider adding wall tile to any exposed walls. By considering the use of wall tile in your remodel, you will have a large variety of colors, textures, and materials. No longer are you limited to just changing the color of the room with paint or wall paper. In this article you will find information about wall tiles like the various colors available, the materials used to make the tiles, installation techniques and much more.

Wall tiles are a great way to add contrast to an existing room. In your kitchen, you can add wall tile to your backsplash, which is the area between the countertop to the bottom of your cabinets (search for backsplash tiles in google). It is also used behind the stove area, in order to lessen the years of wear that cooking has on an exposed wall. In bathrooms, you can place tile from the floor to about halfway up the wall, or you can even go from the floor to the ceiling for a bolder look.